5 Types of Exercise That Help Increase Male Fertility

5 Types of Exercise That Help Increase Male Fertility

Exercise has many good benefits for body health, one of which is increasing male fertility. In other words, regular exercise can increase the chances of pregnancy for couples who want to have children soon. However, what type of exercise is recommended to increase male fertility? Here are some types of sports according to my me fit:

1. Light exercise

If you are not used to exercising, it is recommended to start activities with light exercise, such as swimming. To get the benefits, you need to do it regularly for 30 minutes every day, or at least 5 times a week. Only do a few rounds per session. Even though it is relatively light, swimming can improve sperm quality, you know.

2. Jogging

From the results of research conducted, jogging is considered to help increase the speed, shape and volume of a man’s sperm. This activity involves strength, flexibility and balance, so it can increase antioxidant levels which protect sperm. Not only that, jogging is also effective in reducing body fat, especially stomach fat. This can increase testosterone hormone levels in men.

3. Lift Weights

Weight lifting exercise done for at least 2 hours or more a week is effective in increasing sperm count by up to 25 percent, you know. Not only that, research also says that lifting weights can increase testosterone levels and increase insulin sensitivity which is associated with higher sperm concentrations.

4. Treadmills

Another exercise to increase male fertility is the treadmill. To get the benefits, do this exercise at least 3 sessions per 50 minutes a week. If done regularly, this exercise can increase sperm count and motility, even in men with obesity and a sedentary lifestyle.

5. Yoga or Pilates

The last way to increase male fertility is by doing yoga or Pilates. Even though these two types of sports are more often done by women, that doesn’t mean men can’t do them, you know. Yoga and pilates are a combination of cardiovascular exercises that can improve overall mental and physical health. This includes mobility and sperm production.

Several yoga poses are also considered to help improve blood circulation while balancing chemicals in the body, which leads to increasing the testosterone hormone in men. Both exercises can increase sexual desire, thereby affecting the chances of pregnancy.

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