These are factors that influence a person’s success

These are factors that influence a person’s success

Among the many benchmarks for a person’s success, such as happiness, how many people he loves, how much he helps people in need, having filial children and so on, it cannot be denied that the career achievements he pursues are also often used as a measure of success.

Many people are motivated to see someone’s success in their career because success in a career means financial maturity. People can have whatever they want if they are financially mature, even more than what they need. Tempting, isn’t it?

It is true, someone who is successful in their career cannot be separated from their hard efforts and persistence in learning. However, behind his character who is persistent in learning, hard in trying, it turns out that there are other factors that many people are not aware of that play an important role in shaping individual success.

1. People with choleric personalities often have dreams and are persistent in pursuing them

Choleric is one type of personality among three other personalities such as phlegmatic, melancholic and sanguine. Humans who are born with a choleric personality type naturally have leadership qualities.

These leadership qualities include having a vision and mission in life and having big ambitions accompanied by serious efforts to achieve their goals. With these advantages, it is clear that choleric people tend to almost certainly be successful in the profession they are interested in.

2. People with good emotional intelligence will be the winners

According to research, a person’s success is 80 percent influenced by emotional intelligence. So, no matter how smart a person is, if they don’t have good emotional intelligence, it will be difficult for them to succeed. With good emotional intelligence, a person can easily interact with the environment/other people.

According to Hana Yasmira, MSi., Parenting Communication Specialist, reported by Intisari Online, emotional intelligence plays an important role in maximizing innate talents. Emotional intelligence includes the dimensions of empathy, persistence, sincerity, caring, perseverance, etc., all of which support individual talent and intellectual intelligence to achieve career success.

3. The first child tends to be more successful than his younger siblings

According to research, first-born children tend to be better academically than their younger siblings. The first child tends to be more serious in pursuing his dreams. The first child tends to be more disciplined and independent than his younger siblings. With all the qualities that first children have, it is not surprising that first children tend to be more successful than their younger siblings.

According to researchers, the way parents treat their first child, second child, third child and so on will be different. Especially when they have their first child, parents are still at a young, productive age, not too busy looking after many children, so they still have a lot of energy and time to maximize their child’s potential, teach lessons at school, and discipline their children more seriously.

4. Successful people prioritize sleep

A habit of successful people that needs to be emulated is prioritizing sleep. For successful people, sleep is an investment. Because by maintaining sleep patterns, your body will be healthier and your brain will be more concentrated in thinking and making decisions. Despite experts’ contradictions regarding 8 hours of sleep or less, successful people vary in how much sleep they get. Some of them sleep 8 hours and some sleep less than 8 hours.

Some people are successful in sleeping less than 8 hours, including Donald Trump sleeping 4-5 hours. Barack Obama slept for 6 hours. Yahoo President Marissa Mayer sleeps 4 hours. Habibie slept 4 hours. Sandiaga Uno sleeps 5 to 6.5 hours and click here.

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